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Do you have an idea or prototype that you've thought about developing?
Do you have a new business with new logo or slogan?

Let me help you get your idea, invention or trademark protected. I will work with you on your budget and time schedule to get your ideas focused and protected. Low overhead gives me the ability to offer my clients deeply discounted rates while providing the same high level of service my clients expect. I am licensed with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) as a registered patent attorney as well as an attorney with the State Bar of California.

All consultations are completely confidential.All consultations regarding your ideas and legal matters are confidential. Once the patent process is started, you are on your way to your goal of securing the right to exclude others from using, making or selling your invention. Similarly, once a trademark application is filed, you are on your way to securing the exclusive use of your mark for your services or goods. My services include coordinating and procuring any necessary technical drawings or prototype for your invention, and any marketing or licensing assistance once your patent is granted.

Initial Consultations

By Phone & Fax

To get a dialogue started, contact me by Phone, Fax, or Mail. I am generally available Monday through Friday from 9AM until 5PM and often into the early evenings Pacific Standard Time.

Electronic Methods

Live Chat Utility You can also contact me electronically via Live Chat. If the image (to the right) says "Online" I am available for Live Chat. If the image says "Offline" you can send me a message via E-Mail and I will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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Professional Services

Offering assistance in the following areas regarding the protection of intellectual property:

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